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Thursday, August 31, 2017

New Release Tour: Abel's Obsession by Lynn Burke

Title: Abel's Obsession
Author: Lynn Burke
Genre: BDSM Novella
#amishromance #taboo #bdsm
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A young man of religious fervor and self-control, Abel Beiler has every intention of honoring his parents and being baptized into the Amish church. The woman with red curls and flashing green eyes in the back of a convertible, however, makes Abel wonder what life with the English might be like.
He strives to withstand temptation, but the memory of the woman he yearns to dominate, coupled with the explicit images in his cousin’s filthy magazine, threatens his restraint.
Red, his sinful obsession, haunts his shameful dreams and becomes a secret part of his life. When faced with truth beyond faith, Abel must decide where he belongs—with the Amish community, or the woman who owns his heart.


Much later and hoarse from singing for two hours, my curiosity overrode my better sense, and I followed Eli into the hayloft of their barn. While I held the kerosene lamp, he climbed high into the rafters and returned with a magazine clutched in his hand.
“Got this from my new English friend, Toby.” He sat on a bale, opened the magazine, and turned it toward me.
Lust kicked me in the gut, and I couldn’t speak.
A naked woman lay spread eagle and bound by ropes to a bed, a blindfold and some sort of ball gag in her mouth. A man loomed over her, whip in hand. Tear streaks lined the woman’s face. Red slashes marked her thighs. Wetness coated the pink folds of her sex, glistening, and set my mouth to watering.
The image burned into my brain—submission in an entirely different way than the Old Order’s definition of the word. Spirituality is submission, is what had been reiterated in my ears since childhood. Self-surrender. The willingness to give up oneself to the community and Gott’s chosen leaders.
I soaked in the sinful picture, and for the first time in my life wanted power. Wanted control. I wanted a woman’s submission like the man in leather beside her owned. Unable to tear my gaze off the image, I struggled to swallow.
“Didn’t know people actually did this shit.”
Eli’s curse, the first I had heard from him, barely registered past the blood rushing in my ears. My body tensed as longing to be the man standing over that woman, whip in hand raced through me faster than any thoroughbred—or car.
The image of Red flashed in my mind, and suddenly it was her bound to the bed in the picture, breathing heavily, trembling, and begging for me…

Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.


Sunday, August 27, 2017

NEW RELEASE: The Cleaner by Kera Faire

The Cleaner by Kera Faire

5 STARS: "I loved this book from the beginning to the end. With each of these books, Kera draws her readers in and you get completely wrapped up in the story and lose track of time. Sorry to see it end but oh what an ending. Kera deserves more than 5 stars for this one!" ~ Rhonda, Amazon Reader

Death Isle, 7

Rhonda Verene never thought she’d find herself pregnant and on her own with no means of getting in touch with the father. If only she hadn’t deleted his number in anger. There is only one thing to do, pull up her soon-to-be maternity knickers and find the one bit of family she has left—her brother.

Dan Traynor hated having to leave Rhonda behind. When his country needed him, however, he acted. Besides, it’s not every day you’re offered a job with the Dispatchers. He wasn't ready for Rhonda to crash into his workplace in search of her missing brother, never mind the whole becoming a daddy issue.

With everyone’s life in danger, the time hardly seems right to resume their relationship, but love always finds a way. Especially on Death Isle.
Be Warned: BDSM, spanking

The Cleaner is available at most major online book retailers including:

Find the entire Death Isle series here!

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What's Hot???

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NEW RELEASE SPOTLIGHT: Soul Reckoning by Nancy E. Polin

by Nancy E. Polin

Rowan O’Herley figures the old tavern bequeathed to her by her uncle is a chance at a fresh start. When otherworldly presences begin to make themselves known, she soon realizes she inherited much more than just a 200 year old building.

Luke Meunier holds a tragic past close to his chest. When he sees Rowan O’Herley for the first time, he’s drawn to her but can’t bear the thought of getting close. He’s determined to erect a wall between them, but when he realizes she may be in the very same danger that killed her uncle, he can’t help but get involved.

For some vengeance is powerful beyond the grave and can only be satiated when it is steeped in blood…

About the author: 
Nancy E. Polin began writing as a child and returned as a late bloomer to add experience and the occasional quirk to her work. She and her family happily reside in the rain-sodden Pacific Northwest. Like Nancy on Facebook!

Soul Reckoning is available here: