Thursday, August 17, 2017

What's Hot???

Our readers can't get enough of MC Romance, so we're giving them more!





Some of our BESTSELLING MC Romance Series:

Demons on Wheels MC by Ravenna Tate

The Skulls by Sam Crescent

Helldorado Mongrels MC by Jacey Holbrand

Sons of Outlaws by James Cox

Dirty Fuckers MC by Sam Crescent

The Scoundrels MC by Moira Callahan

Chaos Bleeds by Sam Crescent

The Covenant by Gwendolyn Casey

Bikers Rule by Sam Crescent

Wild Blood MC by Amber Morgan

Trojans MC by Sam Crescent

Bleeding Mayhem MC by Jenika Snow

Forgotten Rebels MC by Beth D. Carter

Saints and Sinners MC by Sam Crescent

Hellhounds MC by Angelique Voisen

The Brothers of Menace MC by Jenika Snow

Billionaire Bikers MC by Sam Crescent

The Grizzly MC by Jenika Snow

Charming Bastards MC by Lexie Davis


Let us know your favorite Evernight MC Romance series and/or which one you would love to try next. Leave your answer in the comments with a contact email. We will choose one comment to win a $10.00 AMAZON Gift Card!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NEW RELEASE SPOTLIGHT: Soul Reckoning by Nancy E. Polin

by Nancy E. Polin

Rowan O’Herley figures the old tavern bequeathed to her by her uncle is a chance at a fresh start. When otherworldly presences begin to make themselves known, she soon realizes she inherited much more than just a 200 year old building.

Luke Meunier holds a tragic past close to his chest. When he sees Rowan O’Herley for the first time, he’s drawn to her but can’t bear the thought of getting close. He’s determined to erect a wall between them, but when he realizes she may be in the very same danger that killed her uncle, he can’t help but get involved.

For some vengeance is powerful beyond the grave and can only be satiated when it is steeped in blood…

About the author: 
Nancy E. Polin began writing as a child and returned as a late bloomer to add experience and the occasional quirk to her work. She and her family happily reside in the rain-sodden Pacific Northwest. Like Nancy on Facebook!

Soul Reckoning is available here:

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Take A SEXY Trip with The WANDERLUST Series by Vicki Savage

Wanderlust Series
by Vicki Savage


Wanderlust, 3
When a handsome stranger totals his car in front of her apartment complex, Carina rushes to help. With assistance from a sexy neighbor, she heals the man's physical wounds, and in doing so opens herself up to new ideas and sensual experiences that will change her life forever.

That morning, Miles only cared about running away from his overbearing family. Now, he cares about so much more—like the beautiful woman who opened up her home to him, and the old college crush he thought he had lost forever. Carina doesn't know that he and her neighbor used to share a woman in the bedroom. As the sensual tension in the small apartment rises, he sees an opportunity to rekindle the past. As he sets his plan in motion, he hopes that this time he can make the love last.
Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex, double penetration

Also available~

Wanderlust, 1
After a messy breakup with an emotionally abusive man, Maggie Babou has all but given up on life. She climbs up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, determined to end it all. There she finds a handsome army Sergeant who convinces her to give him one night to change her mind. She follows him back to a cafĂ©, where she meets his handsome French friend, and through their elaborate seduction, Maggie peels back the layers of hurt and discovers a confident, kinky side of her that she never knew existed.  
Brice and Claude have made a business out of helping those in trouble, but the special needs of this beautiful, caramel-skinned stranger require a unique touch. The more they try to help, the more they see Maggie’s inner strength and courage. They quickly fall for the Canadian beauty, and after spending a night in her arms, become determined to never let her go.
Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex 

Wanderlust, 2
They wanted a one night stand. What they got changed their lives forever…
Years ago, Amber Clark moved to Venice hoping to leave her troubled past behind. When two handsome co-workers approach and ask for more than friendship. Torn between desire and insecurity, Amber must now face her past mistakes if she ever hopes to take hold of the future she craves.
Loving a woman brings Cal Di Centa and Enzo Gatti closer together, and giving her pleasure strengthens the bond they have with each other. At first they see Amber as a simple conquest, but as their seduction progresses, their motives become more than concrete. Now they want Amber for more than just one night, but loving her means exposing dark secrets, and neither are sure if she can handle the truth about their relationship, or why they need her in their lives.
Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, bondage, anal sex, sex toys

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ROCK MY WORLD is a Raven Award Finalist

Congratulations to Lee Piper (author) and Jay Aheer (cover artist). 
Vote here for favorite Contemporary Romance!
Vote here for favorite cover design by Jay Aheer!

ROCK MY WORLD is ON SALE for just $0.99 at Amazon for a limited time. 1-Click it today!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Spanking Experiments

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The Spanking Experiments by Ravenna Tate

These heroines have a secret fetish, and author Ravenna Tate lets them explore that fantasy...all the way to a naughtily ever after!

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