Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dark Diva Review: Sacrifice by Luxie Ryder

Sacrifice by Luxie Ryder
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Erotic, Paranormal Romance

Review Copy Received from Publisher


All Hallie Matheson wants is someone to rent her apartment. What she gets is the handsome and wealthy, Ethan Butler. They hit it off instantly and Hallie thinks she has found a lifelong friend, until she tries to explore the sexual tension between them. Ethan rejects her and then avoids her for months, leaving Hallie confused and hurt.
Until one fateful night she finds Ethan collapsed and near death on her door-step.

Ethan has spent the last few years investigating vampires, until a sudden attack ends his mortal life. Now, he has even more reason to avoid Hallie, despite his desire to have her. Her continuous presence sparks a desperate hunger within him he can no longer control. No sooner has their affair begun when his worst fears are realized.

Desperate to do anything to keep her alive, Ethan vows to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Deb’s Review :

Sacrifice by Luxie Ryder is a spicy little vampire story to set your pulse a racing. This book has an unbelievable cast of characters, and a plotline sure to please any paranormal reader. The backdrop makes me feel as if I am there among all the action.

You have two amazing leads, Hallie a sweet loving gal who lost her heart to the new stranger that came to town. Once she knows his true secret will she stay or turn and run? Hallie actually has a take no crap side to her that makes me happy as a clam. I mean…come on she needs to be strong with what is coming for her. Oh then there is Ethan, YUM! Even before his vampage he was one hot commodity. In learning what happened to his parents he is off to find the truth with his side kick Clive. In his search he stumbles across Hallie, after his misfortune can he convince Hallie to stay away from him? Or will he finally give in to his cravings for her?

With this awesome lead in and one evil Vampire named Silas is there any wonder why this short book is a spine chiller.

Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Deb!

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