Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little About Shannan Albright

     I have always followed my own set of drums. Not so much as a rebel but quietly, without fuss. I started reading when I was five. I couldn't get enough of Dr Seuss and would read them until the pages fell out of the books. The first "big" book I read was Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind when I was eleven. That's when I started writing my own stories.
     Tough to do when you spend all your free time in a dance studio. You name it I did it. Ballet, jazz, ballroom plus teaching and choreographing for musical plays my school put on.. Still when I found spare time I was either the school library or in the school's art class. Still I continued to write and submit and get rejected. Though the years I never stopped reading or writing and as my life started to finally settle down a bit I could once again find the time for my love of writing.
     I figured after a bunch of workshops on the craft and talking to other successful authors though my RWA chapter I would try it again. This time with a short story and see how it would go. I never though to see a submission. No one tells you what to do after you get accepted. Happily, if have found a great publisher and an awesome editor and learned quite a bit from them already.
     What now? Well I have two book in rough drafts to finish, two more in the beginning stages. I think that should keep me busy for a few months. I feel surreal to have a story out there for others to read.
     Hopefully you like what I write and will read more of my work and follow my blogs as I take this journey.

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