Monday, December 27, 2010

To Resolve or Not to Resolve

Hi everyone! I’m Alex – I am multi-published but new with Evernight. My first title with EP - The Lottery - just came out last week. And now that the end of the year approaches…

I admit it, every single, solid year; I make a New Year’s Resolution, only to break it months later. Typically it is food or exercise involved, and between being the single mother of a 15 year old girl, a full time job, a three quarter enrollment in college, AND attempting to write in every single moment I have left, exercising and eating right do not show up as a tiny blip on my radar. Plus I only run when chased.

Yeah, yeah – writing is a very sedentary lifestyle. A lot of sitting in front of a laptop or such, your fingers bleeding, and your soul exhausted. Daily exercise should be mandatory.

Blah, blah, blah.

SO, I am wondering if I should even bother to make one this year. Or if I do, make one so outrageous and stupendous, it will outshine all the other resolutions out there and end up in the Resolution Hall of Fame (or Shame, depending on how you look at it). I could make a resolution to repeat the word “sex” and giggle under my breath each and every time someone says it aloud. Or I could resolve to only eat bananas on the third day of each month, under a banana tree wearing a monkey suit (don’t ask –it was the most totally random thing that just came out of my fingers).

Or I could resolve to write more.

Hmmm – simple and straightforward. I like it.

So, all of you who were involved in the whole NaNoWriMoFoShoOmg…we are taking this into 2011. A whole YEAR of literary abandon.

Who’s with me?

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