Thursday, February 3, 2011

Release pressies

Tomorrow is release day for The Valentine's Fae...nervous... eeek... nervous... eeek, and to say thank you to my readers I'm offering a giveaway.

Let me know if you've grabbed a copy of The Valentine's Fae and I will pop you in the draw for one of five pressies.

Shan't tell you what the pressies are - they'll be a suprise! But I will say I have different pressies based on your location. A bunch of my readers come from the US, and I'd have a hard time shipping perishables over (ooohhh nearly gave one of the pressies away there), some from the UK (I can be a bit more creative) and some from who knows where.

So buy my book and you'll be in with a chance to win. Excellent reviews may also bag you an extra treat! :)

Say bribery... nah, encouragement!

Emma x

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