Thursday, June 16, 2011

Music Inspiration for Make Me Sweat

I’ve been asked many times, what can’t you write without? And while you’ll always find a Caramel Latte from DD at my elbow—heavy on the whipped cream—I can pass it up if I have to. What I absolutely can’t write without is music. Mind you, I can’t really carry a tune, that’s the SE’s territory. I actually think if I wasn’t writing romantic smut, I’d maybe have looked into being a song writer or something of the like.

Music moves me. Overtakes me. Speaks to me in ways even I can’t comprehend. And when time came to write Make Me Sweat, I had to find a soundtrack that fit the story and the characters. It’s something I do with all my projects and more often than not the music will overlap projects. Those will be my absolute faves.

So today I’ll share some of the music I listened to while writing Make Me Sweat, and give a little background on it.

Usher’s Love In This Club-This was the actual song that inspired the first few scenes on the book. I’ve got the song on my mp3 and one night while listening to it, out popped Ever and Dak doing stuff that got me all tingly. I put the song on repeat and quickly wrote out the first meet between Ever and Dak. If you’ve read the book already, you know how that first meet turned out J

Taylor Swift’s Back To December-This was almost at the end of the story, after Ever does something that potentially severs the ties she has with Dak. She’s reflecting on her choices, and wishing she’d done things differently.

Inner Circle’s Make You Sweat-This inspired the title. I originally had the title as A Bad Bitch LOL then this song came on the TV and I went ding ding ding. That’s the title.

Duffy’s Warwick Avenue-Ever has the chance to confront her past face to face, finally say all the thing she never got to say, and put it to rest.

Karyn White’s Can I Stay The Night-Dak wants Ever to stay with him, she wants to, but in the end she puts her duties before him.

Maxwell’s Bad Habits-Cause Ever considers Dak a bad habit. And because hello, it’s freaking Maxwell!

Notorious BIG’s Juicy, Big Poppa, I Got a Story to Tell and Who Shot Ya? -Cause them’s my faves. Get’s the words flowing right.

OneRepublic’s Good Life-At the very end of the book, when the ‘camera’ fades to black. 

There's over 500 songs on my mp3, I can possibly list them all, but honorable mention goes to Adeles's Cold Shoulder, Evanescence's Call Me When You're Sober, Grace Potter and The Nocturnal's Apologies, Janet Jackson's Anytime, Anywhere and Corrine Bailey Rae's Closer.

Avril Ashton


Anonymous said...

That's one heck of a play list. Sounds like you had some very good inspiration Avril.

Carolyn Rosewood said...

Awesome playlist! Thanks for sharing this! :)