Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giveaway - Paying her Debt

Today my contemporary, erotic novella, Paying her Debt is released! To celebrate I'm giving away an e-copy to one lucky winner. Simply leave me an answer below to the following question.

What does the Greek word Yiayia mean?

You'll find a clue in the following excerpt...

It came to him. The obviousness of what had happened—like a remembered dream. He couldn’t explain why he knew it to be true, but he did. Certainty filled him and he cursed again.
The girl…. Aghast, he ran his fingers through his hair, playing the scene out in his mind. He’d bent down to pick up her tampon, trying in some way to ease the embarrassment he saw quite clearly on her face. His wallet must have fallen out—that was the only explanation, right into her open bag!

The girl he just fired had his wallet. But she had more than that. She had his Yiayia’s ring. The one he was supposed to give to the woman she insisted he would find in this small town. The one he promised his beloved grandmother he would look for.
The woman he meant to take as his wife.

Oh, and just to whet your appetite here is the blurb for Paying her Debt.

Fired from the job she so desperately needs, Andy Jones is shocked to find a wallet stuffed full of cash. It belongs to none other than Alexander Ioannou, millionaire extraordinaire, and the man responsible for her firing.

Alexander comes looking for the woman he suspects of misappropriating not only his funds, but his grandmother's ring. He's shocked to find it’s the woman who has been haunting his dreams.

Rather than turn her in, Alexander thinks of more interesting ways for Andy to pay back her debt…

And if you can't wait until the competition is over you can buy Paying her Debt from, AllRomanceEbooks, Amazon and 1PlaceforRomance, or join me at The Romance Studios tomorrow for my release party where you'll have another chance to win a copy!

Emma x


Escape by Fiction said...

It means Grandma. Your story sounds interesting, I can't wait to read it.

Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction :)

heather said...

Lol, I read about this book this morning and immediately put it on my wish list :) Oh and the answer is 'grandmother'