Friday, July 29, 2011

New Release: LOVE KNOTS by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy


After surviving the wrath of a wicked she-vampire bent on revenge, Will and Cara Brennan have a new task – finding Will’s brother that Sallie Hawkins made a vampire centuries ago.  Both bear the scars of their battle but they’re glad to be alive and together.

Cara wants to find the only family Will has in this world and so they set out on a search for Seamus that takes them from Memphis to the rough bars of Oklahoma, Las Vegas casinos, to Hollywood Boulevard and to New Orleans.  Along the way, their love deepens and the sensual connection they share heightens.

Whether or not they find Seamus isn’t the only issue – they have no way of knowing whether he has gone wicked or if he’s an average vamp like them.   The journey defines their love as the story begun in Love Tattoo, advanced in Love Scars, and continues in Love Knots.

Don't miss the first two books in the
Love Covenant Series! 

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