Monday, October 17, 2011

New Release: DATING 911 by Kathleen Grieve

The Dating Series, 1

Emergency room nurse, Roxanne Carter is a loser-magnet wishing she could enjoy her single life.  Commiserating with girlfriends over  butterscotch martinis creates the idea of The Dating Manifesto—a not so scientific research project which promises to point the way to dating success.  While gathering data to find the most suitable single men available, she wades through a series of unsavory, stale dates, which literally places her back at ground zero.  Just when she is ready to give up, sin personified in the form of sexy firefighter Jett Avery, arrives tainting all of her previous data.

A traumatic warehouse fire, in which firefighter Jett Avery's closest friend dies, has him suffering from Posttraumtic Stress Disorder.  Attempting to stave off the worst of his depression, he decides to use his brand of therapy...Sex. The remedy has lost luster until he encounters ER nurse Roxanne Carter.

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