Monday, December 5, 2011

New Release: The Last Etruscan by Lyn Brittan

Vodou princess Fanchon Marie, is determined to maintain her independence. That's not exactly going to happen. Two of the most powerful magical families, hers included, have demanded she marry Luca, prince of the Roma, in hopes of creating a new dynasty.

And that's just the frigging start to her awesome day.

Turns out the leader of the Morlena clan needs to prevent this wedding to maintain his stronghold over the region. He's determined - determined enough to both murder and raise the dead to do it.

While Fanchon Marie would rather be dead than marry Luca 'The World Revolves Around Me' Dobrogea, it might be a step up from the drooling undead fate the Morlena have planned for her. Maybe.

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