Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Release: Getting Back to Dawn by Penelope Rivers

Don and Colton have always been together, but that is about to change… 

When Colton goes on a one month trip, he is murdered when trying to save a woman from a mugger. Don is devastated. He can’t imagine his life without Colton in it. He is so overwhelmed by grief that he cannot survive on his own. 

He goes home to be cared for by his parents, and his best friend takes him to help out in a mental hospital, believing it will be good for him to learn how to live again. There he meets Edwin, a catatonic man who awakens at the sight of him. Edwin claims, “I am Colton.” Don doesn’t know what to believe. 

Is it really Colton who has found his way back to him, or is it a horrible man trying to manipulate him?

Be Warned: m/m romance, anal sex, sex toys

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