Monday, March 19, 2012

New Release: Forstaken by Kerri Nelson

Byron is in love with Nadia but he has a secret…he’s the only living heir to the throne of Vellamo, goddess of the sea.  Fated to take over his family’s royal battle against the sea monster Tursas, he’s been granted only 1000 days to live on land before he must return to his kingdom.  He’s on day 999.

Nadia is your average college cheerleader but she has a secret past.  Abandoned and put up for adoption at the age of eight, she has no memories of her painful history. But someone knows her and he's come out of the dark just to reclaim her.

With the clock ticking and the call to water beckoning Byron at every turn, he must soon face an eternity at sea without the woman he loves.  And suddenly, Nadia must find the unlikely courage to save them both.  But will they learn in time what it means to be...the Forstaken?

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