Monday, May 28, 2012


Would you like to win a custom FaceBook Timeline Cover by Sour Cherry Designs? 

1 Reader and 1 Evernight Author will win a 

FREE custom FaceBook Cover

To Enter:

1.) Follow the Evernight Publishing Blog

2.) Follow Evernight's Naughty Fairy Tale Blog

3.) Follow ANY Evernight Author's Blog you aren't already following

Don't forget to friend/follow Evernight Publisher and Sour Cherry Designs on FaceBook.

After following the above, leave a comment telling us which author you followed and if you're a reader or an Evernight Author. We'll also need your email address in case you're a winner.

Contest Closes June 15th



Tory Michaels said...

Ooo, I get to be first on the comment train! Woohoo!

I just added Alex Bowman to my ever-expanding blogroll! I'm an EP author (nominally anyway).


Author Nikki Prince said...


I have just added Marie Medina to my blogs to read. I am a reader of quite a few Evernight Authors.

Ebonysbbwnikki @ Yahoo. Com


Adonis Devereux said...

Yep, have been following and/or friends with EP, Sour Cherry, and the NFT blog for some time.

We already follow every EP author who has ever shared a blog link with us, which is pretty much everyone.

We are Evernight authors.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Adonis Devereux said...

Oh, in case we win...

Carolyn Rosewood said...

Evernight Author and I follow just about all the EP authors' blogs, this blog, and the NFT blog. :)

Michelle V said...

Great contest! I am a reader, and I have friended, liked, & followed, plus the new author's blog I followed was Erin M. Leaf.

Michelle V
romanceinreview AT gmail DOT com

Laurie Sorensen said...

I followed both blogs, and then I followed Doris O'Conner's blog. I'm one of your writer's, Laurie Sorensen, and my email address is

Lila Shaw said...

I'm an Evernight author (and reader). I added a follow for Siobhan Muir's blog, and followed EP's and the NFT blogs.

lilashawromance at gmail dot com

Rebecca Brochu said...

I'm an Evernight author and I followed both Tyler Robbins and Alexandra O'Hurley as well as both blogs.

Rebecca Brochu

Nicky P said...

I'm an Evernight author and I followed Emma Shortt in addition to the others.

Angelina Rain said...

I'm an EP author and I already follow/like/friend the EP blog, FB, and Sour Cherry FB.

The new author I'm following is Adonis D.


Evernight Publishing said...

Michelle V and Adonis Devereux are the winners of the contest!

Congrats to the winners!