Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Release: Crossing Boundaries by Sam Crescent

Genre: May/December Romance

Heat Level: 3

Word Count: 34, 690

ISBN: 978-1-77130-005-6

Editor: Susan Fitch

Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs


Cape Falls, 1

Welcome to Cape Falls, a town with old-fashioned values.

Laura Cox is twenty years old and in love with a man older than her.

Dean Riley has a broken past. He moved to Cape Falls to try and get over the death of his wife and child. He never expected to get involved with a woman. Especially, a younger woman.

Laura and Dean embark on a passionate affair. Neither was prepared for the consuming fire blazing between them. However, an outsider is about to break their budding relationship apart.

Can Dean overcome the death of his wife and learn to accept Laura as she is? What will happen to Laura when the gossip surrounding her becomes too hard to bear? Nothing is certain in the town of Cape Falls.

Be Warned: mild BDSM

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