Friday, May 4, 2012

New Release: Into The Wild by Jorja Lovett

Genre: Western Romance
Heat Level: 2
Word Count: 47, 950
ISBN: 978-1-927368-81-7
Editor: Karyn White
Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs

After another doomed relationship, Laurie Sommers cocoons herself in the 'living ghost town' of Coyote Creek. But the arrival of Smith Masterson, her unrequited teenage love, torpedoes her cozy spinsterhood, setting her ablaze with a burning desire she believed long gone.

A Texas Ranger through and through, there's no room for a relationship in Smith's life—not at eighteen and certainly not now that he's investigating a robbery and the subsequent shooting of the Captain. Persuading Laurie to fake a relationship to keep his cover is the easy part. The hard part is restraining himself around her.

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