Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Release: Red in the Hood by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Level: 2

Word Count: 9, 360

ISBN: 978-1-77130-076-6

Editor: JC Chute

Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs

Romance on the Go

Tamara’s known far and wide as the girl in the red hood. Red is not only her favorite color but a way to express everything from anger to love. She hates her mundane existence. After tragedy destroyed her family life, Tamara’s become a loner who shuts out everyone, even her one-time lover, Wulfric.

Wulfric refuses to give up on Tamara, and when she yields to him, her life seems to shift back on track. But when danger hits, Wulfric steps in to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her. His life and their love hang in the balance.

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