Monday, November 12, 2012

Correcting Past Mistakes

There are very few times in life you're given a chance for a "do-over."  Time can't be rewound and we are stuck with our mistakes or errors in judgment for the rest of our lives, the what-if's floating in our heads as long as we allow them.

In the book world, we often put out a piece of work early on in our career which we may regret later, knowing we've improved in our career.  It's as it is in any career, but we writers are often haunted by those mistakes a little more vividly because that book is always out there for sale.

My first novel was written in a whirlwind.  Unlike many other authors, I hadn't spent years upon years honing my craft and learning my trade.  I just wrote, letting the words fly, not taking the time to format properly.  Heck, I didn't even know what proper formatting really was.  And let us not even discuss grammatical errors.

The first publisher passed.  The second said it had potential and put it "in queue" for a year before ultimately passing.  The third said yes. I appreciate that publisher for giving me a chance and my start in the writing world, but the amount of editing that book got was practically nill.  There was no interest in developing my skills as a writer.

I knew it wasn't perfect, especially as I moved forward and learned so much from other publishers.  So, I bided my time and waited for my contract to expire.  I wanted the chance to make it better, to take all the things I had learned over the years and make it better.

Once the hammer dropped, I opened the file to start cleaning it up and nearly got a headache.  It was HORRIBLE.  See what I did there?  I tend to capitalize things when I'm in chat mode.  Apparently, I had capitalized letters in my first novel and no one told me to take them out.  There were grammatical issues, repetitive words, and I even had numerals instead of the written number.

Of course, there was also the story.  The bare bones of it was good.  It was a unique story and I loved it.  I didn't want to lose it, but I knew it needed polishing.

So I waded through it.  I deleted chunks.  I added chunks.  I spit-shined that thing the best I could and sent it to Evernight, in hopes my baby would find a new home.  They sent me a new contract and I was elated.  Abduction became Her Alien Abductor and was released on Halloween.

I hope you all enjoy the book which started my career six years ago.

Her Alien Abductor
By Alexandra O'Hurley

Aegarian Saga, 1
Kaya is whisked away from everything she knows after alien soldiers abduct her. She’s thrown into a luxurious prison and has to fight to keep the line between reality and fantasy visible, especially when her traitorous body wants to give in.
Besh abducts the woman without a second thought, knowing her to be his mate. He drops her off at the nearest planet in the realm, trying to give her time to come to terms with her fate but is barred from seeing her due to their cultural rules.
Lord Fatel is charged with tutoring Kaya in the ways of their society, yet is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He faces death if he touches her, yet thinks of nothing else.
Kaya is given one month to choose if she’ll stay in their world or break free. Only the men aren’t willing to let her go.
Previously published as Abduction. Revised and expanded for Evernight.
Be Warned: sex toys, forced seduction, public exhibition

“No, I don’t see it as a compliment. I see it as you not being able to control your lascivious nature, but why should I be amazed Aegarian men were not so different from Earth men and their lack of control over their sexual appetites.”
Her blush apparently showed him the truth, when she spoke a lie.
“I can smell your wetness from all the way over here.”
Kaya visibly blanched.
“Which is another difference. Our sense of smell is more greatly attuned than humans, as is our hearing and sight. So do not try to lie to me, I will know it for what it is.”
“I’ve not lied to you.”
Lunging over to her pillow, Lord Fatel pinned her down beneath him, pulling her arms above her head and holding them with one large hand. Her back arched instinctively to take the pressure off her arms and back, bringing her breasts in tightly to his muscular chest. Her heartbeat escalated; part in fear, part in desire. She felt the thrumming of it in her chest and could hear the noise within her ears. His weight on her made it difficult to breathe, but it also made her want … made her need … in a way she could not describe.
He lowered himself down a bit and took a hard nipple into his mouth through the fabric of the sheet and suckled it, bringing a harsh moan from her mouth. How dare my body betray me like this? She did not want him to overpower her, but oh goodness; she didn’t want him to stop. He moved the sheet away and suckled her nipple, laying swirling circles around the tight bud with his tongue, and with each pull to the aching skin, a shot went straight to her womb. The pleasure building there became overwhelming, and she rubbed her groin to his, feeling his hardness rub against her mound.
He lifted his head from her breast, and she whimpered in protest. The warm air felt cold against her wet nipple, as it was nowhere near as fiery as his mouth. He grinned down at her and bent again to lave the other nipple. She moaned in delight and began rubbing her pussy against his huge erection.
Lord Fatel raised his head slightly, pulling away from her hard nipple. “Naughty girl. You can’t have my cock inside you, unfortunately. I would give you all you could take if I could have you.” He glanced over her head. “But I can give you something to take the ache away.”
He reached above her with his free hand for the case of faux cocks. Opening it quickly, he pulled out the first phallus, the smallest of the bunch. He set it down beside her, and then used his free hand to pull the sheet up to her hips.
“Please….” Kaya whimpered, her body betraying her, still rubbing against his hardness.
“Please what? Please don’t? Or please don’t stop?”
“No … don’t.” And that was all she could say as he forced her thighs apart with his powerful body and pushed the cock inside her. She nearly screamed in pleasure as the device was slowly inserted in her pussy.
“No, I think this one is too small. It slipped inside you much too easily. But then again, you are just so wet and ready, which could be the case. How about we try another?” Before she could respond or consider the fact she should be embarrassed at her wanton display, he grabbed the next two sizes and pushed the smaller of the two inside her. “Too easy.”
He then grabbed the third, and pressed it inside her, stretching her more. Sensing her momentary discomfort, he paused for a moment to allow her to grow accustomed to the size. After a moment her traitorous body was grinding against his hand, feeling the cock inside her massage the walls of her sex.
“I still think you can accept more, can’t you, my wanton little Princess? Let’s try another.”
Kaya whimpered and whispered a weak ‘no’. He smiled at her pathetic plea, knowing it for the lie it was. He took the fourth phallus and slowly pushed it against her opening. He rubbed the B’itakke against her wetness, lubricating the cock. He then pushed the head just inside her lips. After a moment, she began trying to pull the cock inside her with the muscles of her sex, grinding against the phallus, feeling the pleasure build to fever pitch within her body. Her brain was switched off, her body open only to feeling the pleasure his intrusions were creating within her.
“I knew you would react like this. I can sense your heat, your desire, your sexuality. You are a prize for any man, smart, beautiful and full of passion for carnal pleasure.” He looked down at her and grinned. “I hope the General appreciates you as much as I do.” With that, he slid the large cock inside her with one thrust, making her scream out with her pleasure at the intense feeling of fullness.

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