Monday, January 7, 2013

Dreams and Flames

One of the worst problems for an author is that dreaded writer's block. It's almost like having the most wonderful dream and hearing that alarm clock buzzing. You wake so fast and so hard from that horrid sound, that the dream fades and you only remember bits and pieces of it.

Writing is similar in a way. You have a perfect idea, one that you are so excited about and you're certain this is the best thing you have ever written, when suddenly, something distracts you. Just like that dreaded alarm clock, this interruption pulls you out from your imaginary heaven and into reality. Your story blurs in your mind, details are lost, and images are no longer as sharp as they used to be.

Exactly like in your living life, the end of the day comes and you go to bed to dream again. But you're highly unlikely to have the same dream twice. Even if the dream is similar, a detail is lost, a shape is different. And sometimes, you have nightmares instead.

For an author, opening up that started work-in-progress is like going back to sleep. That interruption (the writer's block) pulled you away from writing, giving you hardship, and now that you return, the dream is not the same. Suddenly, you can't remember where you were going with a certain angle. You no longer think this extra plot twist is a good idea. Actually, the whole idea is crap and you will never write again. It's almost like insomnia. You want to go back to sleep and dreamland, but nothing you do puts you back there. You want to visit the same characters, feel their emotions and think their thought again, but now you feel like you're knocking on their door but they don't answer. You do everything you can to get back to sleep. Drink chamomile tea, take a lavender bath, and listen to natural rain sound music. Same as the author, who drinks coffee, eats chocolate, and drinks wine all in the effort of finding that dreamland again, a land where their characters live and breath.

Eventually, sleep claims you and you dream. The author writes in a rush, that idea suddenly making sense again. The dream gets to play out and this morning the alarm clock doesn’t ring. That author types 'The End', her dream coming to an end. She can relax now, but only for so long, because tomorrow she will sleep and have another dream.

When I was writing 'Flames of Desire' I had a mega writer's block. It was the worst one I've ever had, spanning almost a year. It made me doubt if I should ever write again. But with 'Flames', I burned that blasted nightmare back to writer's block hell. 'Flames' will always hold a special place in my heart for it is the book which make me realize I can write.

Ginelle Jinx, recently single, heartbroken, and unemployed, decides to cast an impotency spell on her cheating ex. She doesn't expect the spell to have consequences, but her house catches on fire.

Five hunky firemen come to Ginelle’s rescue, one of them being Seth Tompson, her high school sweetheart. With one fire out, she finds old flames and new ones mingling as she indulges the pleasures her five firemen have on offer.

But what will happen when she realizes she still loves Seth? Does he feel the same? Can an old flame become a raging inferno?

Be Warned: menage sex (FMMMMM), m/m sex, multiple partners, anal sex, orgies

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