Saturday, January 12, 2013

Resolutions Suck!

I know we’re only a week into the New Year, but I think resolutions suck. Did I make any? *laughs* Nope. Resolutions feel like something I have to do. I’m not really good at following orders, so resolutions just don’t work for me.
But like most of the population there are things I would like to change in my life, and things I’d like to change about myself. So what do you? That’s a great question and I think the answer will vary with each person. For me personally I’m a challenge orientated person. I thrive when someone says ‘you can’t do…’ Not only will I do it, but I’ll be holding the blue ribbon above my head waving it in the air when all is said and done. *laughs*
So I decided to rename resolutions. Believe me I know it semantics, but I really want 2013 to be a successful year. Not just with writing, but personally too. So I’ve called them Goals for 2013. I know it’s very silly that I’m inspired by a simple word change, but as readers you know words are powerful.
These are some of my goals for 2013:
Write more. Well finish four novels to be exact. Lose some weight, but since I suck at diets I’m adding more exercise into my day.  Become better organized. When I’m looking for a tube of toothpaste I don’t want to have to look through three cupboards to find it. Last, but not least. Be a better person. I’m not looking for a Nobel Peace Prize, but I would like to look in the mirror at the end of the day and be happy with the face looking back at me.
The one thing I did achieve in 2012 was complete a novel. It’s my first and will be out… soon. The title is: Gabriel. Here’s a little blurb:
When demons break ancient bonds, a love-match between a valiant archangel and a selfless nurse brings humanity's last hope -- but contagion from the demons threatens their newly developed bond.
Kematians (demons) escape the guard of the watchful archangels and flee into the world to feed on humanity. With powerful regeneration abilities, the demons turn the tide against the valiant archangels, taking a toll on their numbers. On the cusp of death, Archangel Gabriel is restored by a beautiful young woman named Calla Stevens, a nurse with miraculous healing abilities she has kept secret since her childhood.
Here’s to successful and prosperous New Year. *raises glass* Tell me what are your 2013 Goals and how do you plan on achieving them?
Talk to you guys soon.

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