Monday, April 1, 2013

How being a writer has changed my Morgan King

How being a writer has changed my life….
So the title was going to be a bit tongue in cheek, especially as I’ve been published only a few weeks, except then I started thinking about it, and my life has changed in the past few weeks. 
Let me count the ways:
  1. My mind is no longer my own. I used to have just one idea for a story that occasionally I would take out of its box and play around with. Now there are ideas cluttered everywhere and characters demanding that I spend time with them. If I don’t it always shows up in their behaviour the next time it’s their scheduled play time. 
  2. I’m all hormonal like when I was a teenager and don’t get me started on the stalking, so it used to be my teacher (yes I’ve always had a thing for older men, even better if they’re forbidden) and now it’s my own alter ego. I’m not good company if there’s not time to check my ratings or reviews. 
  3. I’m getting on really well with my ex and son’s father. He may have left me, but he’s my beta reader and now proving incredibly useful. I send him new stuff every few days and we have loads to talk about. 
  4. I get to be part of the writer community and have met people like me, well at least they like to read the same stuff I do, and for me that is a revelation. Will I see any of them again, or will we be life long friends? Only time will tell, but it sure is liberating to be meeting new people and making friends based on stuff we have in common and not because school or work has thrown us together. (If randomly any of my school or work friends read this of course I still love you).
  5. And talking of work my boss no longer looks at me the same. I had to get permission to sign my contract, as it is a second form of employment and can’t be too distracting or a conflict of interest (hah) and now I can see him twitching to ask my pen name, but not wanting to cross the line. I secretly imagine him scouring the internet to make the connection- this might give you a hint as to the nature of my imagination-vivid!
I could keep going; I haven’t even mentioned how my relationship with my mother has changed. She insisted on reading it, really how many ways could I try and covey how explicit it was, clearly not enough!
But the sound of mine own keys clicking can give me a headache. I’d much rather hear what you have to say. Has being a writer changed your life? Do you dream of being a writer?
If you answered yes to the second question, go on give it a go. Evernight is open to submissions and they’re really friendly! 
I did and my first novella Duty to Love is out now. It’s sweet, it’s emotional, it’s hot! and it’s changed my life.

Morgan King's debut, Duty to Love, is an AllRomance eBook Best Seller. Learn more about Morgan on her website and follow her on Twitter.


Doris O'connor said...

Fab post Morgan :-)

Carlene Love said...

Morgan, I LOVE your wit. Great post and I totally get #2 on your list! Congratulations on your book!!!