Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Heartfelt Thank You to Evernight Readers from Sandra Bunino

I'm wracking my brain thinking of a fun and titillating topic somehow relating to my new release for you, the wonderful blog followers of Evernight. Heroes, Vegas, Miami, and a smexy sex scene in a hot tub all come to mind. 

But, what I really want to say is thank you.

Thank you for sticking with me and all of the authors at Evernight. YOU are the reason we write (believe me, speaking for myself and most authors - it’s not for the money). YOU are the readers who choose our books from the thousands of others released each year. YOU are the hoppers who support our promotion campaigns. YOU are the Facebook friends who join in the fun on the Evernight Reader's Group Page (how much do you love Wednesdays??) and share our new release information. We couldn’t do what we do without YOU.

Some of you have stuck by me from day one. I’m not going to name names because I’ll leave someone out and feel horrible, but you know who you are. A special thank you ((hug)) to you. It always amazes me with the numerous authors and books out there, you make an effort to keep up with my new releases. Being an author can sometimes be like living on an island. You’re not sure if anyone knows you’re there. I’d write even if I didn’t sell, like I said, I’m not in it for the money. However, it’s YOU who force me to dig deep and give you something worth your hard earned book money and most of all your time. 

So, anyway, thank you, lovely readers of Evernight. YOU ROCK!

Please remember we have a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign going on through May 15th.

Whether it’s Marooned with the Millionaire (there is a smexy hot tub scene in Jason’s private lagoon - just sayin’), Bella Key (a sweet and sexy f/f erotic romance - it’s a great first time f/f read and it’s 25% off thru Friday) or any one of Evernight’s titles - 25% of ALL website proceeds go to support Breast Cancer Awareness. 

Now's the time to pick them up. 



Anonymous said...

that's beautiful, and i'm not just talking about the hot tub scene. you're right, it's nice to tell the readers thank you and you worded it beautifully.

Sandra Bunino said...

Thanks, Ella! :)