Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finding Inspiration By Ella Grey

The muse has been really fickle these last few months. The last story I submitted was 'Weekend with the Dom', which was my first sequel to my RoG story 'The Schoolteacher and the Dom'. Inspiration has been really hard to find and most of the stories I've started, they just haven't gone further than eight or ten thousand words. That's a lot of words. It feels like a waste but what I've done is saved the files and I'll go back to them, eventually.

Last week I joined Pinterest. Now if you've never been on the site, people pin pictures up and people then repin them. It's an interesting idea and I've found some great pictures. Combine that with a flash fiction event that's run by the talented Sandra Bunino and Siobhan Muir every Friday in the Evernight Readers Group and I finally have an idea. I'm already a thousand words in and using Pinterest to keep the idea of the characters in my head. I'm hoping that these characters will bug me until the story is finished. 

So where do you find your inspiration?

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Author Bio:

Ella Grey is a jack of all trades and has been published in multiple genres. With her first story published nearly two years ago, she’s written short stories and novellas and shows no signs of stopping.

Ella’s always loved reading and inspired by Christopher Pike, wrote her first story at the age of fifteen. Now a decade later she’s creating Paranormal and Steampunk worlds.

She lives in a tiny house in the UK, with her other half, their son and their cat. She leads a hectic life but disappears into the worlds she’s created as soon as she puts the monster to bed.

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