Wednesday, December 11, 2013

25 Days of #HotHolidayHints: Day 11 with Sandra Bunino @sandrabunino

Today's 25 Days of Hot Holiday Hints hostess is Sandra Bunino with a unique way to decorate for the holidays. Be sure to leave Sandra a comment for a chance to win a $5 Evernight gift certificate. We're giving one away each day!

Welcome to Day 11! It's a special day for me because it's my birthday. I'm heading into NYC to see the tree! Stop over to my Facebook page later for pics!

Are you bored with the same old holiday decorations year after year? Do you have a ton of books sitting around? Make your very own book tree! It's super easy and it's FREE! Here's my tabletop version that's currently displayed on my desk. If you're really ambitious you can try a full length floor book tree.

What you need:
30 - 50 Hardcover, softcover and paperback books for tabletop, more for a larger tree
A string of lights

What to do:
Group your books by size and thickness
Start with the heavy hardcovers and arrange in alternating circular layers, 4 books to each layer, like this: 

As you get to the middle and top, switch to softcover books then paperbacks. Your layers will consist of 3 books, then two. After your tree is constructed add a string of lights by wrapping them around the tree and tucking the wire between book layers, like this:

You can get creative with the tree topper. I found a colorful paperback (Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips), taped the spine to a craft stick then taped the front and back covers to the ends. Viola! The perfect book tree topper!

Happy Holidays from Casa Bunino! xoxo

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Be Warned: light BDSM, public exhibition

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Claire Gillian said...

Love it and am gonna make it!

amy bowens said...

how cute is this! A book tree! I love it will definitely make one! I also loved this book cant wait to read your next!

Kaylyn D said...

Love the tree! I told my hubby I wanted to do it and he said it would fit me perfectly! lol Happy Birthday!!!

S.J. Maylee said...

Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to the pictures.
I should totally do this. So cute. I remember Glitter Baby. That's a great read and so is Tie Me Free. I can't wait for your next release. :)

Jessica Jayne said...

Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sandra!!
I enjoyed your book tree! Have fun in New York.

Carlene Love said...

Loved your book tree so much I made my own! Shared your idea and I think you may have spawned many book trees in many homes! Happy Birthday Sandra and Happy Holidays!

Sandy Emers said...

Happy Birthday, Sandra! Your book tree is gorgeous! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

elaing8 said...

I love the idea of building a tree out of books.
Happy Birthday!