Sunday, December 22, 2013

25 Days of HotHolidayHints: Day 22 with Jewel Qunilan

I saw these decorative pinecones once in the catalogue of a popular store. Unfortunately, the price on them was more than I could afford so I set out to copy them and found it wasn’t as difficult as I’d originally thought. This holiday season it could be a fun project for you and your kids.

All you need are the following items: pinecones, spray glue and loose glitter (your choice of color)

The spray glue and glitter you can find at a craft store and they aren’t expensive at all. In my neighborhood there are several pine trees so I went on a pinecone hunt and found several laying there (for free!) at the base of the trees. This is a great task for your kids. I collected a basket full and carried them home. Some were a bit dirty so I washed them with water and let them dry overnight.

This next part I recommend you do outside as it can be messy. Lay some newspaper on the ground so you don’t leave spray glue where people can step on it. You also need the paper to keep the your works of art from getting dirt on them. Put a layer of glitter down on the newspaper. Now, spray the pinecones one by one and immediately rolled them in the glitter. There, now the tips of all the leaves of the pinecones should be nicely coated with glitter. Voila!
You can set them on surfaces together around the house or put them in glass bowls together as a centerpiece for tables. They will livened up your house nicely for the holidays without costing you an arm and a leg and also create a fun memory for you and your family.

Jewel Quinlan is the author of Rock Star Ex.

Social media consultant, Eve Everett, is less than thrilled when her business partner hooks them up with a job covering celebrity rock band Arsenal.  Their new lead singer, Devon Quinn, is the man who broke her heart five years ago.  But there’s no way Eve can turn down the assignment. It’s the big break their fledgling company needs. 
To boost Arsenal’s social media presence the band’s manager wants intimate coverage, especially of Devon,  which means traveling with the band  in their tour bus while they promote their new album.  It’s not long before Devon tries to rehash the past but Eve would rather leave it buried where it is.
When Eve is asked to be part of a music video, she decides it’s a great opportunity to reap some revenge by showing Devon what he’s missing. But soon she’s the one losing control. Will Devon once again claim her heart as well as her body?

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amy bowens said...

I like the idea of doing this with my kids definitely going to try it out. I love your book was a great read and the cover is amazing. Looking forward to you next book. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

Marie Mattingly-Woods said...

My kids are still too little to be using glue without making a huge mess.

elaing8 said...

I have done with with my nieces and nephews. Its a great, fun activity to do with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea.

Kaylyn D said...

I would love to do that but here all the pinecones are all covered with ice and snow. lol Love your cover.

Eva's Flowers said...

Great idea, will have to try that!