Tuesday, December 3, 2013

25 Days of #HotHolidayHints: Day 3 with DC Stone

It's Day 3 of our 25 Days of Hot Holiday Hint event! Are you looking for a fast and easy desert? Author DC Stone offers one of her favorites. Be sure to leave a comment for our DC because we are giving away a $5 gift card to one random commenter each day!

Right around this time of the year, I seem to become a favorite around my family, and I don’t think it’s because of my funny jokes, or my witty ways. *bats lashes* It has more to do with a recipe, one I have to give a good chuckle about, because it’s so easy to make.

My holiday hint is about my famous banana crème pie.

Here’s what you need (and yes, I’ve included short cuts to make it even easier):
  • ·      Premade Keebler Graham Cracker crust
  • ·      5.1 ounce Jello Vanilla Instant Pudding
  • ·      8 ounces of Daisy Sour Cream
  • ·      16 ounces of Cool Whip
  • ·      5 medium bananas

Directions: Mix the sour cream and Cool Whip together until blended.  Whip in the Instant Pudding. Take 1/3 of the mix and spread it out evenly on the bottom of the ready-made pie. Cut up all bananas into small circles. Spread bananas on the bottom of the pie in an even circle until all pudding mix is covered. Then spread the rest of the mix on top of the bananas. Put in the fridge for two hours and viola, you’re a regular Martha Stewart! *winks*


If you want to check out some boys who are the exact opposite of sweet, but even more delicious than my famous banana crème pie, then make sure you pick up a copy of Feral Craving today. Here’s a quick overview and link to where you can get your copy today!

Happy Holidays!

Bari has always felt a presence lurking deep inside of him, waiting to get out.  After being injured in Iraq, he suddenly finds himself thrust back into his hometown, forced to face his past. He finds that what’s lurking inside of him is real, waiting, and running out of patience fast.  

What happens as the evil of his past merges with his wants of the future?  What happens when the man and beast inside crave a female from his past?  What happens when Bari learns that he is anything but human?

Feral Craving is available here!


Vanessa N. said...

Banana cream pie is one of my favorites. Definitely going to try with the short cuts. Thanks for the recipe.


Dee Little said...

Oh that sounds delicious!!! As does your book ;)

Anonymous said...

The recipe sounds really good! Enjoyed the blurb for your book!

Anonymous said...

The recipe sounds really good! Enjoyed the blurb for your book!

Cheryl M said...

I'm a chocolate cream pie fan but love bananas, so might give this one a try. Blurb sounds yummy, too.


Jessica Jayne said...

Sounds delish, DC! May make it for a Christmas dinner we have coming up!

elaing8 said...

Quick and easy,my kind of recipe :)

Jessica Hale said...

yum that pie sounds delious


S.J. Maylee said...

I love banana cream pie and I've never made it before. Thanks, DC! :)

Iyana Jenna said...

My mouth waters!