Friday, February 7, 2014

Love Around the World with Carlene Love Flores

Today marks the first day of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia! We're kicking off a celebration of our own called Love Around the World with Evernight. Our authors live all around the world and each day we'll turn the blog over to a different author who will share their piece of the world with you. 

Today's featured author is Carlene Love Flores! Take us away, Carlene...

            Washington, DC is a wonderful city and I truly count it among one of the best places I’ve ever lived, but San Diego, California will always be HOME. It’s been a good twenty years since I’ve lived there because hubby, kiddo and I have been out on a fabulous journey around the world compliments of the United States Army. But now that we’ve retired, the call of San Diego’s beaches, mountains, and deserts, not to mention the food, has never been so loud.

            The places, the people…and yes, the love, it all just comes together in this incredibly diverse yet laid back way. And I haven’t even gotten to the weather. It’s kind of perfect. Now I won’t lie, I actually enjoy getting to see the seasons change in other parts of the world where I’ve been fortunate to live. But contrary to popular belief, it does get cold in the mornings and evenings in southern California so there’s ample opportunity to snuggle with your honey. But San Diego days, those are the things dreams are made of. On a recent trip home for Christmas, I boarded the plane at Reagan Airport in D.C. and it was twenty-nine degrees outside. Eight hours later, I stepped out into paradise…sunny and seventy-five. Shorts and flips flops abounded.

            And because of that gift of laid back, easy weather, San Diego is a place where you can enjoy its offerings all year long. These pictures show just a few of my favorite things to see when I’m at home in America’s Finest City.

Romance & The Military

This gigantic statue of “The Kiss” is situated along Broadway Pier. It looks out across the water to North Island where although much fewer now in number, we still have US Navy ships pull in to port. And did you know those Navy ships often carry Marines? Kisses and heroes in uniform…doesn’t that make your romantic heart flutter? It always does to mine and contributed to many a boy-crazy nights for me as a teen.


Need I say more? Going to the beach is a rite of passage for San Diego’s natives and tourists alike. And our lifeguards don’t just look good. They actually spend quite a bit of time sprinting through the sand into the ocean to make rescues. Those tides can be very tricky. And I’ll never forget the time a jellyfish made nice with my leg and how the attention of the hunks in red made the pain seem like a day at the beach. (wink)

The World Famous San Diego Zoo

You may have noticed a pattern here…but if not, I’ll go ahead and continue gushing about my favorite things…I love the San Diego Zoo for many reasons. Mostly it’s the lush landscape, the skyline views from the tops of the hills and the wonderful array of animals they promote and protect. But guess what else? It’s one of the most popular destinations for uniform-clad, young recruits with privileges to leave base. I went this past December and got lost several times just watching young couples walking hand-in-hand, taking advantage of the spark that a date at the nighttime zoo brings.

A Mountain Getaway…Julian

We’ve been to the port, the beach and the zoo, and now I’d like to take you to my favorite little getaway town…Julian. It’s nestled up in the mountains of north eastern San Diego County and is where the locals go when they want a bit of rustic charm. The town is best known for its annual apple festival but for me, whenever I’m reading about a hero and heroine trapped in a cabin in the mountains or the couple who are holed up in a small town making it so that they can’t avoid each other, my mind goes straight to Julian. The first story I ever wrote takes place here and so it will always be very dear to my heart.

There’s so much more I’d love to share with you about my hometown but I hope I’ve given you enough of a glimpse to pique your interest in visiting someday. Writing this has definitely made my heart nostalgic. I’ve truly never lived in a more welcoming city than San Diego and in that spirit, I wish all the athletes and spectators at this year’s Olympics the very best that international friendship has to offer. And to the Evernight readers, wherever you may be, big, romantic, bear hugs! 

Carlene Love Flores is the author of A Sin Pointe Novel series. Her newest release is Sin's Haven, and Editor's Pick!

A Sin Pointe Novel, 3
When Sin Pointe webmaster, Benjamin Wright, is publicly humiliated on his birthday, he knows he’s never gonna be able to show his face around the guys again. But an angelic hostess who lets him sleep it off at the club seems surprisingly eager to help him out. Is his luck changing or does she just feel sorry for him?

Hazel Temple, bagel mistress by day and club hostess by night, feels horrible for inadvertently playing a part in Ben’s embarrassment and vows to make it up to him—by telling him they had a sizzling hot one-night stand. Still recovering from losing her fiancĂ© to suicide, she worries about Ben when he discovers her lie. Is she bound to hurt the men she cares about?

A Sin Pointe camping trip provides Hazel her chance to get Ben’s groove back.
Will her webmaster be the one to rock her world?


Carlene Love said...

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend and don't forget the Opening Ceremonies are televised tonight. Sochi looks beautiful from what I've seen so far. Happy Reading!

Anonymous said...

Sin's Haven looks really good. Ben was such a nice guy in Sin's Flower. I really enjoyed Sin's Flower.

Carlene Love said...

Ben is definitely a sweetheart. So nice to hear love for him. Thanks for saying hi. :)

amy bowens said...

I have never been to San Diego before but what you just described sounds like a great place to visit! And your book sounds amazing I am adding it to my tbr list. Thanks again for sharing!

Carlene Love said...

Maybe we can sneak a visit to San Diego onto your bucket list, Amy. :) Great seeing you here at Evernight's blog and have a fantastic weekend!

Angela Searles said...

This looks like a great. I'll have to check it out!

Carlene Love said...

Hi Angela! Thanks so much, it was a blast to write. Ben is just one of those entertaining kind of guys. ;) Have a great weekend!