Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Love Around the World with Cherrie Mack

Cherrie Mack takes us to sunny Florida on today's Love Around the World with Evernight Authors. Take us away, Cherrie!
 I’ve always loved summertime. Growing up in New York, the winters were harsh. But, when the spring arrived, my inner caterpillar turned into a butterfly. I went through a metamorphosis, taking on a wild, carefree attitude. Nothing pleased me more than spending hours on the sand working on my tan while reading a good suspense novel. And so, the decision to move to Florida was an easy one. Some call it the retirement capital of the United States, only I find it to be the place where my butterfly can be free. For me, there’s nothing like waking up to swaying palm trees and golden sunlight. My favorite part of Florida is by far the sunsets. I’ve been to Tahiti, Fiji, the Caribbean and Mexico and I’ve never seen a more beautiful sky than in my own backyard. The beautiful weather takes me back to the summers of my youth, when the most pressing thing on my plate was where to go dancing on the weekend. I equate that feeling with summer. But more than the weather, Florida has a bevy of interesting things to do and see. Driving south will reward you with a visit to Key West. This quaint, eclectic town is a haven for the unusual and one of my favorite places to visit. The slow, relaxed atmosphere will make you crave a cheeseburger in paradise. In the other direction, you are surrounded by the most outrageous theme parks on the planet. Yet again another direction will allow you to soak up the sun and sprawl out on the beach as if you’re on a deserted island. Go diving for treasure—you just might find it too. I live on what’s called the treasure coast. For me, my town is my own little treasure. I just love where I live.

     Now don’t get me wrong, Florida is not the end all. There are so many memorable places to visit in the United States.  One such place is New Orleans. I vacationed there a few years ago and found it to be fascinating. After spending a week in the city, I ventured out of the quarter and found myself deep in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou. I spent the night at a very famous, old plantation. For me, this was a turning point into the world of the supernatural. I love history and this place offered a huge slice of it. I was steeped in a time when the south claimed its greatness. Yet, to know the history and appreciate the sacrifice of others gave me a sad, overwhelming grief for what our fellow human beings had to bear. It was in this place where my idea for, ALate Summer Bloom, the first in my Witches of the Bayou series, materialized. The pages of this book is chock full of real life interpretations of the city and its surrounding areas. This story of a young witch who bears the burden of becoming a leader, a savior to a dying race and the ultimate heroine of mankind, draws parallels with the world in which we all live. I was proud to give it a home at Evernight Publishing.

Witches of the Bayou, 1

A young witch, destined to be queen. A traveler destined to love her and an evil warlock desperate to claim her.

When Julien Beaumont meets Giselle Jareau, the naïve, young witch is nothing more than a nuisance. A mere inconvenience. But the inkblot on his arm disagrees. As their relationship develops, his tattoo begins to fill in. Could it be fate or something more sinister?

On an old, decrepit sugar plantation, in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou, the defender of the covens and the queen to the royals engage in a battle of wits. And as Giselle falls in love, Julien tries desperately to change the course of their destiny.  

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