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Love Around the World with Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Today's featured Love Around the World author, Elyzabeth M. VaLey, shares her top 10 reason to visit beautiful Madrid. Take us away, Elyzabeth!

Greetings lovely readers!

As you might know by now, I write from the middle of nowhere from the allegedly sunny Madrid, Spain. I wasn’t actually born here, mind you, but I’ve been living here since I was 6 years old so all in all you could almost say I’m Spanish. Though many of my friends don’t agree (and neither do I TBH) but that’s another story for another post.

It so happens, that when you live in a place for so long you sometimes don’t appreciate the beauty of it, but it’s there. In an effort to show you what’s so awesome about Madrid I’ve put on my tourist glasses and thought up a few things anyone should see if they come visit.

1.     Museums. Madrid has a great selection of museums available for all art lovers. From El Museo del Prado, dedicated to classical art (Vazquez, Bosch, Rubens…), to el Museo Reina Sofia, dedicated to modern art, to the smaller museums like el Museo del Romanticismo  (the romanticism museum) or el Museo del Traje (dedicated to fashion).
2.     Speaking of museums, a popular place that tourists enjoy visiting is called El Museo del Jamón. It’s not a museum, but a chain of restaurants that have dozens of hams dangling from the ceiling.
3.     The food. There’s no denying it, we eat well here. From jamón (ham), to queso (cheese), to tortilla (Spanish omelet), to chorizo… if you come to Madrid (or Spain in general) get ready to go back home with a few extra pounds. Oh, and let’s not forget the wine! Has anyone heard about Sangria? The origin is Spanish.

4.     Bars. And cafeterias and restaurants. Spain is the city with the most catering establishments in the European Union. As a matter a fact, statistics say that there is one bar for every 129 Spaniards.  I think it’s true. Take a walk early in the morning around Madrid and you’ll find people having breakfast at a cafeteria. Long lunches are a thing here (offices and stores are usually closed from 2 to 4 or from 3 to 5) so restaurants are brimming at those hours. Finally at night, people go out for some tapas or a drink. Certain areas of Madrid like Chueca, Huertas, or Malasaña are general going out areas. (Chueca, if you recall from Spanish Diversion is known as the Gay neighborhood- and Malasaña, also known as the Tribunal area, was featured in A Dragon’s Heart, A Demon’s Blood).  

5.     Stay up late. Forget New York, this is the city that never sleeps. You’ll find people out and about at 3pm just the same as at 3 am or 6am. (True that those around at that hour might be slightly drunk, but they’re out. It’s quite normal here to start the night at one bar, and end up at another).

6.     Chocolate con churros. You’ve been up all night partying and your stomach is growling. Forget coffee, forget donuts. Go into a bar and order “chocolate con churros”. Steaming, thick, hot chocolate and crispy, fried dough sprinkled in sugar. Dip it into the chocolate and taste heaven.

7.     Concerts. That’s one of the things I personally love about Madrid. Even though the government has made huge cuts in cultural activities, there are still a lot of things going on, music concerts being one of them. There are small venues and big venues, live music at bars … flamenco, classical, pop, heavy metal… you pick.  
The 69 Eyes was the last show I went to. Their music inspired A Dragon’s Heart, A Demon’s Blood.

8.     El Retiro. Want to break from the routine? Then head to this beautiful park with its Crystal palace, swans, ducks and shady trees.

9.     Soccer. If you’re a fan of the sport, then you have to come to Spain. It’s basically the national sport and there’s usually one game or another going on. Oh, and it’s common to hit the bars to watch them.

10.  Get out of the city! Okay, Madrid center is pretty great because of all of the above, but there’s always loads of traffic, noise, pollution, people rushing and being rude. It’s a big city and it has its good and its bad stuff.

I live in the outskirts and I love it. Sure, I have an hour long commute, but out here I can see the sky, the trees, breath in deeply and not choke with the stench of the city. There are hundreds of small (and medium sized) towns scattered all over the Community of Madrid worth visiting.

Elyzabeth M. VaLey is the author of A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood, available at Evernight!

A Dragon's Heart, A Demon's Blood by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

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Lovely to hear more about where you live :D

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Thanks Dee! Glad you enjoyed it :D