Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love Around the World with Michelle Monkou

Please welcome a new author to Evernight, Michelle Monkou! We're traveling to her home state of Maryland today on Love Around the World with Evernight Authors. Be sure to check out Michelle's release. It's out today! Take us away, Michelle...

Maryland, my home state, has a population of 5.8 million. Since I made the wonderful area home many moons ago (from England to Guyana to the USA), the state also has become a second home for many. And that’s what I love about Maryland and its reputation as tolerant, diverse and green.

After working in Washington, D.C. for over 20 years in the legislative field, I became a full-time writer. Nowadays, I enjoy working with the view of my neighborhood just beyond my laptop. Nearby, I have the Montpelier Mansion built in the late 1700s, by its owner Major Richard Snowden and his wife, Anne. The property is now on 70 acres, but was once part of a 9,000 acre plantation. I’m sure my home is part of that historic land.

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Not too far from my city is Baltimore. Here the mix of historic and contemporary influences is on full display with the importance of the Inner harbor. After all, it was during the defense of the harbor that Francis Scott Key wrote his poem, The Star Spangled Banner. Fast forward to present day, the harbor is a bustling stop for residents and tourists, with the Baltimore Aquarium as one of many notable attractions.

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Since my home is the mid-point between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., there is easy access to visit the Capitol and the White House. But if the government buildings don’t create the exciting buzz, there are a plethora of museums with really interesting and unique artifacts. I especially love hanging out in the National Gallery of Art and the Native American museum.

All around me, there is much to inspire my creative well. I love being a full-time writer in such a robust place of artistic innovation. From great writers such as historic trendsetters like Frederick Douglass and Edgar Allen Poe, Maryland continues to be home for other icons, such as romance writer Nora Roberts, crime thriller George Pelecanos, and me (hey, I’m forward-thinking)!

Once my cat gives his slow-blink approval after his first read of my work, I know all will be well.
On that note, let’s chat about my first Evernight –Romance On The Go—release: Into The Pride (NuubaPride Shifters)

Davie Chastain, a lion shifter prince, must take the harrowing journey to return to his rightful throne. The path won’t be an easy one with betrayal and danger at every corner. Starr, a warrior-priestess of the Cassiopeia Sisterhood, is his link to the past. But what role will she play in his future?

Happy Reading.

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Carlene Love said...

Hi Michelle! I love the Baltimore Harbor and that picture shows why. I'm in Northern Virginia, but two favorite Baltimore moments were watching the city's first Gran Prix raced through the streets and eating at a crab place called Nick's. So happy to have you with the Evernight family and CONGRATS on Into the Pride. Cat approved ;-)