Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Around the World with Susan Hayes

Welcome to Love Around the World with Evernight Authors! Susan Hayes is today's featured author and she takes us north to the wonderful country of Canada. Take us away, Susan!

I am Canadian, with a twist. I live in one of the few parts of Canada that doesn’t see much snow. When we do see the white stuff, the local population tends to go into a complete panic and shut down the city until the last snowflake melts. The only flurries we’re really equipped to handle are the drifts of cherry blossoms that fall every Spring.

I live on the west coast, at the southern tip of an island that’s bigger than the entire state of Delaware and can only be accessed by ferry or plane. Life is a little slower here, and it’s a strange mix of urban and country living that means it not uncommon to see deer crossing a major intersection during rush hour. (Sometimes they even go with the lights.) We have world famous gardens, some of the cleanest air in the world and for some reason no one can explain, more restaurants per capita than any other city in North America, save San Francisco. I’ve travelled to the far side of the globe and back, and it has given me a very deep appreciation of the beauty and freedom that I grew up taking for granted. Travel also revealed to me that Canadians really do say “eh” far more than any other culture on the planet, and apparently the way I pronounce “about” can reduce a group of Americans to a fit of sniggering giggles.

Canada is the second largest country in the world, with a population that totals less than that of the state of California. We like our wide open spaces and the elbow room that goes along with it, though the one and only time I visited the prairies, I found myself feeling more than a little lost. When you grow up surrounded by mountains, standing in the middle of a plain that seems to go on forever is oddly disconcerting. We are officially bilingual, which means I can curse in English and French, and I can read the instructions on a shampoo bottle in either language, because all our goods must, by law be labeled in both. We’re a land full of names no one can pronounce without spraining their tongue, and yes, we do laugh at the tourists when they butcher the pronunciation of local places with aboriginal-based names like Esquimalt, Metchosin and Nanaimo. (Origin of the Nanaimo bar…mmm tasty) Our biggest doughnut shop chain is named for a hockey player, and for the record, our dollar coin (the loonie) is named for the water fowl depicted on it and not our state of collective mental health.

I am blessed to live in a country that is rich in culture, diversity and natural beauty. I am doubly blessed to live in what I suspect is very close to paradise. A place where deer are a legitimate hazard for golfers, killer whales prowl the waves just a few miles off shore, and the skyline is full of blue mountains that seem to rise up out of the Pacific. Yes, some of those mountains are active volcanoes, but what’s life without a little risk, just to make it interesting.

Susan Hayes is the author of new release, Wilde Chase.

Police Officer Ben Wilde is married to his work, and he wants a divorce. A third generation cop, he knows the price his career demands, but he still hopes for more out of life than taking down criminals and late nights with his canine partner, Chase.

Veterinarian Kelly Towers loves all animals, but she has a special place in her heart for Chase and Ben, his human handler. When her clinic is broken into, it brings the sexy Chicago cop and his four-footed partner to her door, and the sparks that have been smoldering between them finally combust into flames.

Two passionate souls, two demanding careers, and too many secrets lead to a wild chase

Be Warned: spanking

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