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The year is 2050. Earth is quickly becoming uninhabitable. The seven continents are shrinking as flooding devastates the land masses. Crime and disorder are rampant among the dwindling human population. 

There are only two safe havens in the galaxy capable of supporting humanoid life. Xyran is a world of power-hungry demons and Planet Alpha is home to a fearless warrior race. 

The males on Planet Alpha need mates. Infertility has plagued their race for decades. The answer lies on Earth where tempting females are waiting to be saved. When their enemies attempt to claim the spoils of a dying world, only the strongest will get their prize.


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Excerpt Copyright 2014 J.J. Lore

Mateen of the Albin watched the human refugee camp roil around him, disliking the chaos, the stench, the din of many competing languages rising up in a bellow he longed to silence with a roar. His bondmate, Bynton, stood on his left, ready to defend or attack as the situation warranted. In this maddeningly unregulated environment, it seemed either might be required any moment.
A small human, a child with matted dark hair and clad in filthy layers scampered in front of him. He suppressed yet more irritation. For one of his race, progeny were celebrated and treasured above all, and to see a near infant unprotected and neglected in this dangerous place heated his blood. Not for the first time, he doubted their mission.
“Mat, should we go into the mass of them, to better evaluate?” Byn jerked his chin at the largest gathering of humans surrounding a kiosk that seemed to be distributing some foodstuffs. It was difficult to determine, the huddle of shabbily dressed people surrounding it obscured the structure as they reached out and grabbed.
He adjusted his cloak, making sure the hood covered his head and horns effectively. The last thing they wanted to do was cause a panic in this crowded environment. He could sense the mood among the refugees was desperate, close to panic, and the arrival of two large and healthy Alphans in their midst might start a stampede. Byn, with his empathetic talent, had to be nearly vibrating with the latent despair clouding the air.
“Yes, we follow the plan.” Mateen knew the only way to achieve their objective was to mingle with this tattered band of humans. Confronting the reality of this sad gathering, pushed into a fenced camp filled with inadequate housing modules and poor sanitation by their collapsing government gave him pause. They’d easily breached the fence in the early morning hours and had circled the structures while the inhabitants were huddled inside sleeping or dreading the day to come. “Although I have my doubts we’ll find anything likely here. Most of these people seem malnourished and of the wrong demographic.”
“We’ll find her.” Byn’s assurance made Mateen grin despite his misgivings.
“As always, I depend upon your intuition.”
They eased into the huddles of people talking, sharing food, or just standing and staring at the fences, likely wondering how long they’d survive in this cold and muddy spot. Mateen had seen enough endgames to know most of these people would be dead inside of a year unless a miracle occurred. He couldn’t save them, couldn’t salvage any of the doomed children he saw clutched in a caregiver’s arms or peeking out from behind an adult’s legs, and their inevitable fate made what should be an exciting quest feel like a morbid curse.
Few of the humans paid them much heed, too caught up in their own struggle for survival to notice two formidable men in artfully shredded cloaks stepping among them. The scents assailed him once he was among the throng; burning food, rotting garbage, spoiled dairy, and the varied odors of people ranging from harsh tobacco and perfume to rank unwashed. Mateen worried for a moment if her scent might be obscured. Personal cleanliness was paramount among his kind, and the thought of touching or copulating with a woman who smelled as awful as those who surrounded them turned his stomach for a moment.
“She won’t be like this,” Bynton said, his uncanny ability to sense Mateen’s worries yet again on display. It was one of the many reasons the younger man was his bondmate, as comforting as all the rest. He’d sensed a connection the moment they’d met five years before when Byn, a new recruit, had challenged him to spar. Instant ease, instant connection. He only hoped they’d find the same with the woman they sought. “She might be dirty, but a good soak and scrub will cure it.”
“You’re anxious for her.”
            Byn nodded agreement as he scanned the crowd around them. Few of the humans reached their height, so keeping watch was an easier task than he’d expected. “She’s here.

PROPOSITION by Beth D. Carter

Excerpt Copyright 2014 Beth D. Carter

            “Where are we going, Geoffrey?”
            “Come on, Keirah.  We don’t have a lot of time.”
            Keirah looked around the busy shuttle center trying to figure out what Geoff had done.  They’d talked about this long ago, when the offer of Planet Alpha had come through.  Women were needed for potential mates and mothers, but men were not and Keirah refused to give Geoff up just to save herself.  They’d grown up together, had survived losing their parents together, he was her best friend and husband all rolled into one and she loved him.  She would gladly live out her allotted time on Earth as his wife.
            “Please tell me you’re not thinking about shipping me off to Planet Alpha,” she said. 
            “Of course not.”
            “Then what?”
            He turned to face her, halting her question.  “I found an auction house that will accept married couples.  But there’s not a lot of room and it’s first come first served.”
            “What does that mean, they take married couples?”
            “It means…I’ll probably have to work for the Alpha and we’ll have to make out some type of sharing schedule.”
            “Sharing!”  She shook her head.  “No.  I just want you, Geoff.”
            “And I want you to live,” he said, taking hold of her shoulders.  “I love you so much, Keirah, that I’d do anything to make sure you survive.  I would’ve given you up if you agreed to go but you didn’t so I found us a different way.”
            “Don’t you get it?  Alpha men need babies.  I’d be carrying another man’s child.”
            Geoff cupped her face and lightly kissed her on her lips.  “I do understand.  I’ve thought about this so much, Keirah, and I’ll love you no matter what.  I’ll love any child you have just as if it were my own.”
            “You say that now but I can only imagine how you’ll feel when I’m big and waddling and you know it’s not yours.”
            He kissed her again, quickly, and then straightened and took hold of her hand.  “Trust me on this.  Okay?”
            She didn’t like it, not one bit, but she nodded because she saw the determined light in Geoff’s blue eyes.  They were off again, through the terminal, and she saw a plethora of people scurrying around.  Most were humans but the terminal was owned and guarded by Alpha soldiers and she couldn’t help but stare at a few of them.  They were big men, with bulging muscles and golden skin, but what made them truly unique were the small horns growing out of their heads.  If she were completely honest, she found them fascinating to look at and wondered how they felt.  She didn’t know too much else about Alphas except they were here to help the human race, in return for helping their own race, of course, but she figured it was a logical trade.  And most of the woman who’d gone with them seemed excited enough, although there were certain religious and purist groups that condemned interspecies mating.  Personally, Keirah thought those bigots were just jealous assholes whose dicks were probably too tiny to find.
            Geoff pulled her through Gate C and suddenly there was the shuttle.  It wasn’t that large, much to her surprise and about a dozen couples were swarming around the ticketing agent.  Maybe they were too late.  Maybe they wouldn’t be allowed on and then they could go home and forget about this.  Sure, Earth was a horrible place to live but she’d rather die in Geoff’s arms than accept a stranger into her bed.  She’d only ever been with one man and it was the man she’d fallen in love with and married.
            “We’re going by age,” the ticket agent stated loudly.  “The requirements for relocation to Planet Alpha is based on fertility so we’ll be accepting by age.  Health cards please!”
            A collective groan rose from some of the older couples because it was clear the women were past the prime age for conception.  The Alpha government had made it clear they would only accept young healthy women.  Geoff slipped a small plastic card in her hand and it took her a moment to realize it was a medical card.  It allowed officials to get their health information in a heartbeat but the only thing was she and Geoff had never had one.  They were expensive to obtain and they’d never had any spare cash.  One of the agents took her card, read it, and smiled.
            “Congratulations, Mrs. DeWinter, please move into the shuttle and find a seat in cargo bay three.”
            Geoff grabbed her hand and maneuvered their way through the throng of couples.  Keirah held tightly to her bag since it carried everything she owned.  Geoff had packed for her since she hadn’t known what was happening until they’d arrived at the shuttle terminal and she could only imagine what he’d brought along. 
            “Where’d you get the cards?” she whispered.
            “Don’t ask.”
            So she didn’t.  

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