Sunday, April 13, 2014

SERIES SPOTLIGHT: The Conquering Series by LeTeisha Newton and Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

The Conquering Series 
by LeTeisha Newton and Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

The Conquering Series was planned and penned by the writing duo LeTeisha Newton and Lillian MacKenzie Rhine with the intention of a timeline spanning decades, instead of months, hundreds of characters, instead of just a few. And creating a world where readers wanted to come back to in order to see what happened next. The Series has its own blog, Facebook page, and website presently ready to debut. This isn’t just a series, but alternate dimension that we just hope you’ll love.

The Conquering Series brings the world of wolf shifters to life inside a fictitious city, Seurri, in the center of real-world Texas. But being in the public eye isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Some secret government organization wants to control the wolf gene for their own purposes, and kill of the rest of them. Human relations with shifters is strictly enforced to mating only, to keep up with the political outcry of human men feeling like the wolves are taking their women at bay. And the shifters themselves are struggling to find their mates while not finding themselves kidnapped or dead.

The wolves have to straddle two very different worlds, and sometimes it gets tough. Seurri wolves are made tough, though, an all is fair in love and war. Really, what’s a wolf to do?

Conquering Theana is the first book in the series to introduce the main line of characters that tie the world together. It’s designed in a way that other stories will feature return characters for continued glimpses into their lives. Each story builds on the last, so readers would benefit better from reading the entire series, versus picking up just one. However, each book has a central couple a new reader can get to know and learn about other wolves. Let’s talk a little bit about Conquering Theana.

Seurri City, Texas, the home of seven wolf shifter packs recently out of the closet to humans, is the best place on earth–and Theana left. Camden, the alpha of the Convel pack, and her childhood friend, wants her for a mate, but she just doesn’t feel anything for him remotely close to the passion, dominance, and love that she knows mates should share. Running, though, didn’t keep her safe. Oh no, she ran right into the man meant for her. Or should she say men meant for her.

Karma has to be an ass like that sometimes. Theana now must come home, as her alpha, and father, has demanded. Her mates, Rafael and Gregori, alpha and beta of Seurri City’s strongest pack, Ulric, are waiting for her. And they have no interest in taking no for an answer. And why should they when they know that between them Theana will get everything that she has ever wanted, and more?

Available now from Evernight Publishing, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and most major online book retailers. Conquering Camden is coming soon.

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