Sunday, July 27, 2014

A World Vision Thank You from Evernight and Carlene Love Flores

Thank you to everyone who made our fundraising week a success!  100% of website sales from July 14 - 21 made up the generous donation to World Vision's Education for Girls fund.

Please welcome author Carlene Love Flores and her wonderful education story....

“It’s the only thing that can’t be taken away from you, and it’s your way up and out.”
            I can hear my mom’s voice clear as day telling me those words so often as a young girl when I was growing up. She was talking about the value of an education and sitting here writing this blog post as an almost forty-year-old woman with a son of my own, I’m reminded of how right she was.
            Simply put, the things you learn are yours. They may come to you by way of a teacher in a classroom or a life story told to you by a wise family member. You may be touched by something you read in a book, whether it’s true or fictional. I can’t tell you how much I’ve soaked up and put to use from some of my favorite stories. There is something to learn in almost everything happening around you and to you and to others. Whether you’re learning in a classroom or on life’s busy streets, the wonderful thing about education is that it’s there for the taking. I love the fact that an education is one of those rare things where you get back what you are willing to put into it.
            Growing up the daughter of a working single mom, I always knew those words she shared with me about an education were true. She’d been told it over and over by her dad who’d had to drop out of school in the fifth grade to work and support his family and wanted better for his daughter. I’m thankful it was the one major thing she drilled into my head because when other things were lacking, I always had Mom’s words to trust in and fall back on. I might not have lived in the nicest neighborhoods, worn the name brands like everyone else at school or had the means for extracurricular activities, but I did know that I could shine in a different way. I was just telling my son the other night that I wasn’t always the smartest kid in school either, but I was willing to work the hardest. As a result, I graduated as Valedictorian of my high school class. Again, I was no genius and definitely not the most popular kid in school, but because I cared and frankly was afraid to fail, because I believed with all my heart that the hard work would pay off and help me out in life, I was motivated to do my very best.
            Who knows if Mom hadn’t come at me with her words day after day if I’d have believed in myself enough to accomplish my dreams and goals? My wish is that every kid out there has someone telling them it’s gonna be hard but it’s absolutely worth it to put everything you can into your education. Be present today and who knows what wonderful places you’ll make it to tomorrow. Here’s to many more “Up and Out” stories and thank you to Evernight for allowing me to share in this drive for World Vision’s Education for Girls. Hard work, learning, and supporting each other rocks my socks!

Carlene is the best selling, multi published author of the Sin Pointe Novel series, including Sidewalk Flower, Sin's Flower, Sin's Haven, and Touch of Sin.


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Carlene Love said...

Thank you so much for letting me share today. I love you, Evernight. :)