Friday, July 18, 2014

Author Stacey Espino Shares her World Vision Sponsoring Experience

We posed the following question to our authors: 
"What does education mean to you?"

As usual, our authors did not disappoint! Please join us throughout the week as we share their incredible stories and memories. 

Please welcome best selling author, Stacey Espino...

My family has been sponsoring children through World Vision for over ten years. We now sponsor children from five different countries around the world and hope to expand that soon. We enjoy getting updated photos and progress reports throughout the year. We can’t help every needy child personally, but as a whole, and with the help of World Vision and other charitable organizations, we can make a wonderful difference.

Food and shelter are necessities, but education is also vital. I started my family early and had to juggle daycare and university, diapers and homework. It was difficult, but I pushed myself to succeed because I wanted to create a good life for my kids. Without an education I couldn’t achieve that goal. Unfortunately choice isn’t an option for many children in third world countries. Girls are often the most vulnerable which is why World Vision has a fund to help these at-risk girls get an education and the chance they desperately need and deserve.
This week you have the chance to help World Vision while stocking up your e-reader. 

Evernight will donate all the proceeds from e-book sales to World Vision. Let’s make that check as big as possible!

Stacey Espino is the multi-published, best selling author of Cowboy Outcasts, Cowboys Mine, Catch Me if You Can and many others. Find Stacey's books here!

Give the Gift of Education

We will donate 100% of  sales from the Evernight and Evernight Teen websites from July 15 - 21 to World Vision's Education for Girls Fund.

"There is no wealth like knowledge,
and no poverty like ignorance." ~ Buddha

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Carlene Love said...

This really is a wonderful chance to pause, think, and help. Glad to be a part of it and so proud of Evernight for stepping up. Thanks for sharing, Stacey!