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Evernight's #AntiBullying Selfie Challenge Week Message from Khloe Wren

Welcome to a special week at Evernight Publishing. We're joining the #WritersAgainstBullying #Selfie Challenge to promote awareness for the anti-bullying efforts of Writers Against Bullying.

Writers Against Bullying was created to show support against bullying. It's not a page just for writers to show support, it is a page for EVERYONE, who is interested in showing their support. Tell your story if you have one. Let us know what you think. Send us suggestions on helping those who have been bullied. If you have suggestions on how to help bullies get help, because some do want help, let us know.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide please contact the US National Suicide Helpline at 1-800-273-8255 or for young adult and teens to chat anonymously on line.

Please welcome Evernight author Khloe Wren as she shares her personal story....

I know a lot of people don’t see the seriousness in bullying.  Bullying is not simply giving someone a ribbing about something, poking a little fun at them, or having a laugh when someone does something silly.

Bullying IS serious.  It’s something that happens to an individual day in, day out seemingly without end.  It can be verbal, physical and sexual.  While the bully may find it amusing, the victim does not.  Majority of my school days were spent holding my head high against incessant verbal abuse and the odd act of physical abuse.  I only ever had one or two friends at most.  I spent a lot of my time alone reading (so not a huge surprise I’m now an author, right?). Stephen King was my best and only friend for a number of years in late primary and early high school.

By early high school, I was truly struggling. Puberty hormone changes added to my torment and I slipped into deep depression.  I attempted to end my life on a number of occasions when late at night it all seemed too hard.

The thing that saved my life? One friend. It only took one single person to stand up and show they cared. To see I was struggling and pull me aside to say it was okay to feel hurt and cry but life was worth living.  School will finish and life will go on.

Sadly, bullying isn’t limited to school.  Of my several jobs I have suffered working under a bullying supervisor at one of them.  It was months of hell as she degraded me and tormented me in the workplace.  I would catch the train home and the moment I was in the car at the station, I would fall apart every night.  Eventually I went to the HR officer at work after she embarrassed me with cruelty in front of the entire department.  They had witnessed her behaviour and were mortified by it.  I chose to leave with the small payout they offered and moved on.

When I saw the Writers Against Bullying challenge I jumped on board in a heartbeat.  Helping kids and adults cope with being bullied along with raising awareness of how serious bullying can be is important to me.  Especially now that I’m a mother of two young girls.  My eldest is in primary school and has already had trouble with verbal, physical and sexual bullying against her.  Her first encounter was when she was in pre-school!  I’ve been horrified at how young it can start.  These young kids are simply copying what they see.  As adults, we need to behave as we want them to.  With compassion and kindness to everyone.  That is the biggest thing we all can do. That and provide our kids with a strong sturdy foundation for them to land on.  We need to give our kids the love and self-confidence so they don’t crave the acceptance of bullies to feel okay about themselves.  By having open communication with our kids, we leave the door open so when they’re struggling, they’ll come talk to us about it.

Every single one of us can make a difference, whether it’s a good or bad influence is up to us.


Khloe Wren

Thank you for sharing your very personal message with us, Khloe. 

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