Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Celebrate the Freedom to Read with Amber Morgan #BannedBooksWeek

September 27 - October 3

It's Banned Books Week! We're recognizing this important week with daily Banned Book features from our authors. Please welcome today's guest, Amber Morgan! 

Looking at the list of banned books, I was surprised to see how many I’d read. I mean, The Da Vinci Code? Sure, it was controversial at the time, but was it worth banning? Catholic leaders in Lebanon sure thought so! Frankenstein, The Canterbury Tales, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are all rightly considered classics, but they take their place alongside more modern books like the Fifty Shades trilogy and American Psycho on the banned list. And the reasons for these books being banned are just as surprising! Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was banned in China for portraying animals with human qualities and abilities. It was feared this would teach children to see humans and animals as equals (you have to wonder if Animal Farm made its way onto the list for the same reason…)

Frankenstein was banned in South Africa in the 1950s for having “indecent and obscene material.” The Canterbury Tales was banned in the US in 1873 for similar reasons. My mind boggles. After all, today we can log into our favourite ebook selling site (whichever that may be) and peruse thousands upon thousands of books in all genres from all eras, and buy pretty much whatever we want. Last year, erotica/romance was reported as the bestselling genre, beating out horror and sci-fi/fantasy. Imagine all that obscene and indecent material we can get our hands on at the click of a mouse button! *fans self*

Literature is an odd thing to think we need protecting from, isn’t it? Especially romantic literature, like Lady Chatterley’s Lover (banned in the UK in the 1950s and 1960s under the obscenity laws). Is the idea of people wanting to read about love, sex, and romance that outrageous? That revolutionary? I’d say not, but apparently sexually explicit content is the number one reason books are banned. Ladies, your fantasies are dangerous! Hearing the Wife of Bath’s tale of love and marriage in King Arthur’s court is surely the first step on the road to moral ruin. Reading about Lady Chatterley’s passionate affair of both the heart and body with Mellors the gamekeeper will…um…Okay, look, there is no reason we shouldn’t all enjoy Mellors. Especially if he’s being played by Richard Madden.

Where was I?

Oh yeah! I think the point, for me, is that any book that promotes love, passion, and fun, healthy sex should be available to anyone who wants it. Anything that lifts our spirits, warms our hearts, or gets our blood hot is something we need more of, not less! Don't protect me from kink, romance or "obscene material." Really, don't. If nothing else, we all know banning something makes it that much more attractive, right? And as a writer of erotic romances with plenty of explicit material, I like knowing that my stories might be making someone smile, not to mention hot and flustered!

This banned book week, I say we all go out and buy some filthy, indecent, obscene and salacious material to enjoy, and celebrate the fact that we live in an age where we can push back against Big Brother (1984, banned in 1984, believe it or not!) and read what we love!

About the author:
Amber is the secret identity of a writer who normally pens urban fantasy, but feels like stretching her wings. Amber loves darker romance, anti-heroes, good red wine, and expensive chocolate (sometimes all at once). She's based in the UK and lives in an adorable cottage with her dream man and a demanding cat. Find Amber here: Facebook / Twitter  / Blog

Tanner's War (Wild Blood MC, 1)
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Tanner's War sounds like and interesting read running away from a forced marriage is understandable.

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Amber is a new Author for more. But not any longer. Tanner's War sounds fascinating and filled with suspeense.
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