Monday, February 13, 2017

NEW RELEASE: Third Love by Mary Abshire

by Mary Abshire

Heaven Sent, 3
Destroying demons is becoming more difficult, especially when one is a mother. Andrew comes up with a plan, but he will have to work as a nurse and pretend to be married to Emily. With a little help from her friend, Troy, Andrew secures a job in the hospital where the demon works. Emily agrees to act as his wife and in little time he is unable to deny his love for her.

Emily enjoys her new role and wants to help Andrew succeed with his scheme. Her loathing for the demon intensifies when she learns the woman is abusing her children and others have died mysteriously. Andrew pleads with Emily not to take any action. His words turn into kisses as passion heats up between them.

Two more babies die unexpectedly, raising the urgency for Andrew to destroy the demon. Emily struggles not to kill the woman while Andrew fights to keep Emily on a path to heaven with him. Emotions are high and finding a way to put an end to the demon becomes their most challenging task yet.
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