Saturday, December 16, 2017

Day 10 of The 12 Days of Giving. Shifters, anyone?

12 Days ~ 12 Prizes ~ 12 Chances to Win!

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'Tis the season for giving and we're doing it every day from December 7th through December 18th. 

You could win a Coach bag, Amazon Echo, Kindle Fire, books, gift certificates, and much more! Come back each day to find out what's up for grabs. 


Today's prize:

Evernight Tote bag
$10 Evernight GC
2 surprise paperback books

How to enter to win:

How about a sexy shifter or two?
That's right, we're spotlighting our sexy beasts today. Shifter romances bring out the raw need in every reader. Click here and check out our Shifters category. Tell us which type of shifter animal you love and why in comments (be sure to include your email address!) and we'll randomly choose one winner!

Physical prizes for US/CAN only. International winners will receive prize value in an Evernight Publishing or Evernight Teen gift certificate.

Come back tomorrow for today's winner and a brand new prize. Be sure to follow us on social so you don't miss a prize winning opportunity!


Tricialen Len said...

I love shifters! My favorite is wolves.... I love how the beast lives inside the man...and yet he can be so tender and loving to his mate. I probably like them the best because I have three dogs that I adore.

I think I would love The Vixen and the Wolf by Ella Grey!


lillian parkinson said...

I love dragons. Would love to fly.
If limited to real animals I would pick one of the big cats.
A black Jaguar would be my choice. Beautiful mysterious animal.
I buy all the shifter novels.

Jana Leah B said...

I love big cat shifters. They're so strong & graceful.

angeline sambrano said...
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angeline sambrano said...

I love wolf shifters first because the wolf is my favorite animal and second because even though they have an animal residing in their soul they still retain their humanity while they are their animal that shares their soul.

Cara Griffin said...

I love Tiger shifters, because tigers are my favorite animals. They are so graceful and beautiful.

Dulce Dennison said...

I like bear shifters. Bears are my favorite wild animal.


sassytdw said...

I love cat shifters because they always seem to maintain their grace even while human

Anne said...

Large cat shifters because I love cats in real life.

Tabitha Tully said...

Love love love shifters. Lions are mine. They love to lay in the sun and so lazy until someone messes with their mate. Thank you for the chance

Kitty Woods said...

I love Dragon shifters. They are just so pretty and super loving.

Eva's Flowers said...

I love reading shifter books, some of my favorites are wolves, but I've also grown to love cat shifters, such as pumas, cheetas, etc. Bear shifters have also become a favorite. I totally enjoy the way the author can write their different traits into the human traits.

Connie G said...

Love reading shifter books. Hard to pick just one favorite. Love wolves, cats and dragons the most. Love how authors write about their possessiveness for their mates.

Knotty Girl Reviews said...

Wolves are my favorite, they are Alpha, and are protective

Rhonda Butterbaugh said...

I love all shifters but wolves are probably my favorite. They're loyal, protective and completely devoted to their mate!
I would love to read His Forbidden Mate by Matilda Janes. Thank you for the chance.

Evernight Marketing said...


Congratulations to Eva's Flowers!