Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sweet Potato Pie from M.A. Jewell

Evernight authors are cooking! 
Our authors are sharing their favorite holiday recipes all month long. Today's recipe comes from the family cookbook of author M.A. Jewell. She promises it's best served hot, just like her newest release, Jungle Rapture!


2 med sweet potatoes
2 sticks butter
2 C sugar
1 Tbsp nutmeg (yes Tbsp)
4 tsp vanilla extract
6 eggs
½ C flour
1 C milk
1 Pie Shell (M.A. prefers Pillsbury rolled crust)

1-Preheat oven to 375’
2-Prick pie shell with fork and partially bake in oven to a very light golden brown.
3-Lower heat to 350’
4-Peel and cut into 2” chunks, boil until well done do not microwave or bake.
5-Drain potatoes and place in bowl with butter, add sugar, nutmeg and vanilla, mix well
6-Add eggs and flour and mix well
7-Place in pie shell and bake until golden brown or toothpick comes out mostly clean-about 40 min for 9” pie. About 55 minutes for deep dish.

Jungle Rapture by M.A. Jewell

The Jaguar Queens, 1

An advocate for endangered species, journalist Kelsi Gorman travels to the Brazilian Amazon to locate a mysterious black jaguar the size of a saber-toothed tiger. Instead, the enormous cat finds her knee deep in mud, blood, and smugglers. 

Jaime Salazar, one of a few surviving male jaguar shifters, encounters a scent he never thought to find—a female jag shifter. Jag queens exist only in the elder’s stories, but someone staked out a she-cat like poacher bait. 

In a fit of primal instinct, Jaime marks Kelsi as his mate. Now, no other female will arouse him. To avoid a long celibate life, he is forced to woo his reluctant mate-to-be. But first he must keep her alive.

Find Jungle Rapture here:

Author Bio:

M.A. Jewell began writing after a satisfying career as an operating room nurse. An avid romance reader for many years, she traded in her reading addiction for a pen to write in her favorite subgenre, paranormal. Now, she can’t stop. 

Memberships in Romance Writers of America, Nebraska Writer’s Workshop, Nebraska Writers Guild, and the Omaha Romance Critique and Writing Group have helped her build skills in the craft and make wonderful friends in the writing profession.

She calls Omaha, Nebraska home, where she enjoys her own happily ever after with her biggest fan and supporter, her husband, Jim. Their two sons have fledged and married lovely, competent women. And if you have an extra twenty minutes, go ahead and ask about her first, perfect grandson.

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