Thursday, March 1, 2018

Romance on the Go: Sexy Shorts

Have you discovered our extensive Romance on the Go ® line? You'll find shorter stories that are meant to be read in a sitting or two. They're the perfect length for lunch hours, bedtime reading, or your morning train commute. 

Here's a sample of our new ROTG releases!

by Rebecca Brochu

When an unplanned and unwanted remodel of his apartment leaves Detective Dylan Vancarr homeless, the natural thing for him to do is turn up on the doorstep of his best friend and partner, Tyler Wilky.

An arrangement meant to last only for a night quickly turns into a surprisingly comfortable new life for the both of them.

While living with Tyler and realizing just how easily their lives mesh, Dylan quickly begins to realize that he may have found a partner for more than just the job.

He may have found a partner in love.

Be Warned: m/m sex

by Maia Dylan

Aaron George thought he’d lost the love of his life seven years ago. Right up until he pulled back the curtain of a hospital examination room and found Marshall Armstrong tending to a bullet wound on the other side. Then the night got really strange. They found themselves getting shot at and running for their lives.

Marshall Armstrong had finally come for Aaron. He’d been working toward it from the moment he’d had to fake his own death. Now, just when he had enough money and resources to take Aaron back, Aaron’s father, Franklin George knew his son was alive and that Marshall had a few secrets of his own.

Can Marshall and Aaron get back together as they work to make this one last hit before they disappear forever, or will their shot go wide and leave them with nothing?

Be Warned: m/m sex

by Scarlett J Rose

Being the office worker bee wasn’t exactly how Lydia George thought her life would end up. Especially when her boss approaches her with a proposal so scandalous, so indecent, she runs.

But when things change beyond her control and there are no other options, she’ll have to accept Mrs. Cortez’s indecent proposal.

After all, when it involves becoming the lover of the panty-meltingly handsome Mr. Cortez, how could she have refused in the first place?

Be Warned: menage sex (FFM), f/f sex

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