Friday, June 22, 2018

NEW RELEASE: Caroline's Heart by Serenity Snow

Caroline's Heart by Serenity Snow

Lucky Cane is a hotshot criminal defense attorney coming off a big win when her ex Caroline Woodland asks her for help. Lucky’s reluctant to be anywhere near the closeted lesbian she fell in love with during their brief fling, but something about Caroline won’t let her walk away.
Caroline knows Lucky is a threat to her safe way of life. Getting too close to her will tear her world apart, but Caroline is a social worker and she knows Lucky is the only person who can help an orphaned teenage-girl accused of murdering her mother.
Lucky is all set to pass the case off to avoid contact with Caroline. However, Lucky quickly realizes the teenager holds the answers to more than just one murder, but can she keep the girl alive and prevent Caroline from breaking her heart again?
Be Warned: f/f sex, sex toys
Caroline's Heart is available here:
About the author:
Serenity Snow is a voracious reader of romances, especially paranormal romances. She loves a happy ending, but she doesn’t have anything against a happy for now ending either. Serenity thinks fall is the perfect time of year for romance because the weather is still warm enough for walks in the park and pretty enough to create a romantic atmosphere for outdoor dining.
Serenity loves a good debate, has a quirky sense of humor and loves a good joke as long as it’s not on her. Possessing a creative mind, scrapbooking is something Serenity finds allows her creative spirit to soar as much as writing does. 
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