Monday, November 4, 2019

AUTHOR POST & BOOK GIVEAWAY: Lea Bronsen's Journey to the Evernight Family!

We're celebrating 9 years of delivering SMART & SEXY ROMANCE to our readers! Each day our authors share why they love being an Evernight author and we'll share a prize with a lucky winner.

Today we welcome Lea Bronsen to the blog...

I’ll never forget a spring day in 2013 when I, to my complete bewilderment, received an acceptance email for my rock star romance My Biggest Fan and asked my bestie DC Stone, who was already an Evernight author and had encouraged me to submit the story, “Do you think I can post the news on the reader’s group on Facebook? Or is it too soon, maybe I’m not considered an Evernight author yet and I’ll be thrown out...” She just laughed, posted the most heartwarming welcome note in the group, and the readers gave it an overwhelming response!

Those were my baby steps into the Evernight family, and since then, I have felt at home. I live in Norway, a tiny, remote, and cold country far from everything Evernight-related – the publisher, the editors, fellow authors, and most of their lovely readers, so meeting many of them online over the years has been a true enrichment of my life. The Evernight family is big, welcoming, and majorly supportive, and it’s a safe go-to for anything a sometimes lonely and oftentimes insecure writer might want to chat about. 

Also, I learned to speak my first English words at the age of eight, so to be able to say that little me is actually a real author signed with an international publishing house releasing English-speaking books worldwide still bugs my mind. I never dared to dream that much, but it proves one thing: Reaching for the stars is worth the try. And now, although I release some of my more deviant stories independently, I always keep Evernight and its fantastic readers in mind while writing a new book – then bite my nails to blood waiting for the publisher’s reply and the readers’ verdict, ha ha 😊

Lastly, some praise for my fellow Evernight authors: What a talented bunch you are! What an unending source of inspiration! And what genuinely generous and caring people I am humbled and thankful to call my friends. 

Today's prize is The Perfect Shoot, Book 1 of Lea's HOT MODEL MINE SERIES  in the winners choice of eBook format. To enter for the chance to win, tell us where you'd love to travel comments. Please also include your email address so we can contact you if you're the lucky winner!


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I'd love to go to Australia.

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I would like to go to Australia.