Saturday, October 24, 2020

It's a #FANART #GIVEAWAY from Evernight author ~~> Katerina Ross


This month marks our 10th year of publishing smart and sexy romance! We're celebrating with a month-long party featuring giveaways and author features. 

Today please welcome Evernight author Katerina Ross with her special giveaway...

Happy birthday to Evernight Publishing! It’s nice that authors from many countries can find a home for their books with Evernight. I’m very glad to be one of them. I’m Russian, but I write M/M stories in English because it would be hard to officially publish them in my own country.

In addition to that, I enjoy drawing fanart, so my celebratory GIVEAWAY will be artistic ;) Sometimes both writers and readers can’t help but imagine certain actors playing their favorite characters. If you want me to draw a fanart of your choice for you (in digital form), confess: what would be your dream cast for one the EVERNIGHT books you love most?


Here are some of my drawings—and you can find more on my Tumblr blog if you’re so inclined ;)

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